story : journey to purano

#1. Who is Puuvilla?
Puuvilla, who lives in the deep forests of the north, has the shape of a bear, but it's unknown where he actually comes from.
Puuvilla is one of a kind. He was spending peaceful and happy days with his friends.
Then one day, his friends disappeared and he was left alone.
Why and where did his friends go?
#2. Finding my friends!
Puuvilla belatedly found the invitation in the mailbox.
He found out that his friends were invited to a festival in a distant city.
Puuvilla, excited by the thought of meeting his friends, hurriedly boarded the plane.
However, he misread the name of the city and got on the plane bound for Purano...
#3. Wrong city... But...?
Puuvilla looked around Purano and was very surprised to find so many
Puuvillas. He realized that he was not the only Puuvilla!
Purano happened to be a fashion city established by some of the Puuvilla tribe.
He recalled his long-cherished dream of becoming fashionista.
Should he leave to find his friends?
Or remain in the city and acheive his dreams?